RUSH: After Attacks On GOP Drive-Bys Began The ‘CYA’ For Obama

RUSH: The president yesterday, when he went to start selling all the great lies he’s telling about his economy went up within, what, hours of this tragedy and acknowledged it in an almost perfunctory way, and then began an onslaught, a partisan onslaught against his best friends in Washington, the Republicans.  The Republican Party leadership in Washington wants to just, as far as I can tell, lay down and go along with whatever he wants. They’re not providing much opposition.  I mean, some of them are, but a vast majority aren’t.  And yet he felt the need to once again assault them and attack them in a purely partisan basis, even when it was the president who said after Gabby Giffords got shot that we gotta stop this, we gotta stop the kind of behavior he engaged in yesterday. 

So the Drive-Bys had their sensibilities upset for him.  They knew it wasn’t cool, and so they began to construct excuses.  Well, he’s under so much pressure. The Syria thing and the Putin column, and he’s got the poison nerve gas in Syria and who knows where it’s gonna go. He’s got Benghazi. He’s got all this going on and these Republicans are just so mean and nasty that he really didn’t have a choice. He had to go out and attack, but it really wasn’t cool. It wasn’t classy.

So the Drive-Bys were unnerved by what was clearly — people call it tone deaf.  He wasn’t tone deaf yesterday.  It’s exactly who the guy is.  Obama, it’s exactly who he is.  His number one objective, modus operandi, is to eliminate all opposition.  Anyone who opposes him is number one enemy, doesn’t matter. In fact, domestic opponents are his number one enemies.  So everything that happens is gonna get plugged into that narrative.  Whatever happens, it’s going to be an opportunity to trash the Republicans, or trash the conservatives, and he did it yesterday.  It’s who he is.  The Drive-Bys are understandably upset about it and they sought to defend.

Let’s go to the audio sound bites.  We have a little montage here.  This is an illustration of how they themselves recognize the impropriety of Obama’s behavior yesterday, the tone deafness they say it is.  That he isn’t what it was.  He’s just not who people think he is.  Things like that yesterday portray who he really is, and it’s a question of do you want to have the courage and the guts to admit it or pretend that it was just a faux pas.  And of course the Drive-Bys are very worried that it was a screw up yesterday, and so they immediately began the CYA and we have a little montage to illustrate it.

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