RUSH: After 5 1/2 Years ‘I Hope He Fails’ Still Stands As Most Memorable Opposition To Obama

RUSH:  Ladies and gentlemen, stop and think of something for a second.  We are five and a half years into the Obama presidency, five and a half years, and my statement and explanation on January 16th of 2009 — this is two weeks, maybe a week before Obama was even inaugurated, my statement, “I hope he fails,” remains the most memorable and standing expression of opposition to Obama in five and a half years. 

I’m a guy on the radio.  A guy on the radio a week before Obama’s inauguration says, “I hope he fails,” and that, even after five and a half years, still stands as the strongest statement of opposition to Obama that there is.  That’s where the media goes to illustrate opposition.  They don’t go to anybody in the Republican Party and what they’ve said.  They go to a guy on the radio.  What does that say about the political opposition to Obama?  It means there hasn’t been very much if my statement is still the go-to statement for the media after five and a half years.  Here I am, I’m still explaining this after five and a half years? 

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RUSH: Boehner Has Not Adopted My ‘I Hope He Fails’ Philosophy

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