RUSH: ABC News Publishes ‘Full Scare Tactic, 100% Fearmonger’, ’57 Terrible Consequences Of Sequester’

RUSH: Now, here’s this ABC story: “57 Terrible Consequences of Sequester.” Now, I wish I had time, I wish I had the ability to go through all 57. I’m not gonna bore you. But I want you to listen to some of them. This is ABC News, the same place Jonathan Karl works. They’re not even on the same page. Jonathan Karl is out there saying, “Well, we’re gonna spend $15 billion more.

“The public isn’t gonna really feel this.” Over here, elsewhere at ABC, the full monty, babe, full scare tactic, 100% fearmonger, 57 terrible consequences. “Air travel disruption. Longer security lines at airports. Slower extreme weather forecasts.” Slower extreme weather forecasts? “Greater risk of wildfires.” A greater risk of wildfires because the federal government is only spending $15 billion more than it spent last year? Do you realize how absurd this has gotten now?

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