RUSH: A Zone Blitz Is Happening In The US Senate Looking For Votes

RUSH: Byron York is reporting that “Senators seeking a solution to a deadlock over border security have reached a tentative agreement they believe could win the votes of a significant number of Republican lawmakers for the Gang of Eight comprehensive immigration reform bill.” And that’s what the amendment is for. The amendment is to get votes. I think this is a mess. I think it’s a legislative mess. What we are facing today — and, by the way, folks, the last half hour getting ready to do the show, my zone has been flooded. I have been flooded with everything: people telling me, “This is what’s really happening, Rush.” Other people asking me what’s really happening. Advocates and opponents giving me their side of things.

I mean, there’s literally been a zone press for the last 30 minutes just aimed at me, and I imagine that this is happening all over various arms of media today. A zone blitz is also happening in the United States Senate looking for votes. Legislation is being crafted in such a way as to get votes as opposed to be focusing on policy. That’s my take. The zone blitz in progress looking for votes appears to be centered around throwing more money at this problem. Twenty thousand new border agents are going to be hired, but to do what? And to be laid off when? Well, we shut down the White House Easter egg roll because of the sequester. We don’t know what the agents are gonna do. We don’t know who they’re gonna report to.

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Untangling The Gang Of Eight Web Of Deceit


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