RUSH: A ‘Political Mob’ Is Conducting A ‘Silent Coup’ To Impeach Trump

RUSH: If Trump knows — and this is a big if, but I’m talking about Trump’s the state of mind here. If Trump knows that there is no real illegality that jeopardizes his presidency, if he knows that he hasn’t credited any criminal acts that jeopardize his presidency, then he also knows that he is fighting an illegitimate political lynch mob.

These two things are linked. If Trump knows — if his lawyers have told him, if he thinks — that he hasn’t done anything that warrants this investigation, then he has to believe that the investigation is illegitimate and political. A political mob is conducting a silent coup out to impeach Trump. It’s a political process. It’s not a criminal process. This is a political process. It requires votes, not indictments. It requires votes, not guilty pleas.

Every day pressure from the media, pressure from Democrats. Pressure from the deep state is brought to bear on both the public and Republicans in Congress. Now, if Mueller doesn’t have the goods, Democrats have to create a narrative that Trump is crazy, or they have to start accusing their own side of sexual harassment and having these guys drop like flies so they can go after Trump on that. He’s a wanton abuser or he’s unstable. “His policies kill people. He’s unfit.” They have to go after Trump politically; Trump is choosing to respond in kind.


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