RUSH: 5 Libs And Justice Kennedy Couldn’t Wait To Insult Supporters Of Traditional Marriage

RUSH: Now, we’re told over and over and over again the court is supposed to go out of its way to not overturn decisions of the legislative branch. Like they didn’t with Obamacare, remember.  John Roberts twisted himself into positions that were unrecognizable in order to avoid declaring Obamacare unconstitutional, which it clearly was.  In this case, they couldn’t wait to strike out at DOMA because — and here’s the real reason for this ruling today. The five libs and Justice Kennedy, for some reason, just couldn’t wait to insult supporters of traditional marriage, and they took the occasion of this case to do it. 

It wasn’t a judicial ruling. 

It was pure politics coming out of the Supreme Court, which, by the way, is not unique, either.  That’s been happening for quite a while.

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RUSH: Supreme Court Used ‘Character Assassination’ In DOMA Decision

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