RUSH: 12-Year-Old, Margo, Asks ULTIMATE And BRILLIANT Question. ‘Why Don’t We Have The Freedom To Choose?’

RUSH: The compact fluorescent bulb is a genuine hazardous material threat.  Inside each of these bulbs is mercury, and mercury is poisonous, and it is dangerous.  If one of these compact fluorescent bulbs breaks, shatters, like any other lightbulb does, in many cases you have to call professionals to come clean it up and remove it and make sure the mercury is removed and that the mercury doesn’t come in contact with anybody or any surface where it could be transferred to humans.  It’s being sponsored by people who think that the compact fluorescents are more efficient and use less energy and that will save the planet because they will use less coal and less electricity and therefore our carbon footprint via the emissions of CO2 will be less. 

I think that it is propaganda.  I think the people who sell these things have joined with the environmentalist movement to convince everybody that they’re better and safer.  They don’t put out as much light.  I’m not sure about this, but I’m fairly confident you can’t buy them with the same wattage output or same brightness as incandescents, and that’s one of the reasons why, so that they use less energy.  There’s a ban in place on incandescents.  I think it’s in place. Is it illegal now to buy them and use them?  (interruption)  You can’t find the hundred-watt incandescent anymore; is that right?  Yeah, the hundred watt incandescents are illegal so it’s a federal matter now that these things have been mandated. The compact fluorescents have been mandated. People have to have them. But if you want a good grade here, what do you think your teacher wants out of this report, do you have any idea?

CALLER:  I think she wants the truth of the report, and good facts from it, but my question would be, why did they take it away?  Why don’t we have the freedom to choose?

RUSH:  And there is the ultimate and brilliant question.  Why do you think they took away the choice?

CALLER:  Well, probably ’cause the government has been asked to fund this and waste money on it, when you could go out and buy something for like 50 cents and it could be less energy efficient, but instead of, like, spending $15 for a CFL that is more energy efficient but has poison in it.

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