Levin Caller Tiffany RN: ‘Sarah Palin Was Totally Right’ On Death Panels

‘This From The Mark Levin Show’

Mark Levin: What is ‘End Of Life Counseling’? It’s what, you get to jump out of a window, you get to put a bag over your head, somebody else does it, what the hell is that?

Caller Tiffany: Exactly, It is to make sure that our so called significant others know how we’d want to be treated in case there’s some kind of an emergency or some kind of a…

Mark Levin: I’ll tell you how I’d like to be treated. My very last act if I were on my deathbed is to vote against this guy [Obama]. What do you think of that?

Caller Tiffany: AMEN Brother Mark! Amen to that.

Mark Levin: All right my friend, good luck, keep up the good work. It’s the nurses that save your life in a hospital, believe me, after the doctors are done.


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Rush: Sarah Palin Was Right On ‘Death Panels’

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