Really CNN? Using Rush Limbaugh To Launch Warmed-Over ‘Crossfire.’ Good Luck With That

RUSH:  Hey, Snerdley, did you hear that CNN is bringing Crossfire back?  Yeah, CNN’s bringing Crossfire back, and guess how they are promoting it?

MICHAEL KINSLEY:  I don’t understand why you’re so defensive, Rush. What’s wrong with —

RUSH ARCHIVE:  Because I take my business as seriously as you take yours —


RUSH ARCHIVE: — and the term “radical” implies irresponsible; it implies dangerous and all this.

MICHAEL KINSLEY:  Only to you.

PIERS MORGAN:  From 1990, that’s Crossfire with the younger Rush Limbaugh making his case is a guest.

RUSH: I have nothing to do with this program, I have nothing to do with Crossfire but they’re gonna bring it back. Newt Gingrich will anchor the conservative side of this and Stephanie Cutter will anchor the left side for the Democrats. Of course, I have nothing to do with it but there they are using me. What is this “younger”? (impression) “The younger Rush Limbaugh making his case as a guest.” Yes, that’s from the tired and worn out Piers Morgan who was never anything here.

Anyway, I’ve got nothing to do with the program, but it’s just the case that every network uses me to sell their warmed-over shows that nobody wants to watch. You can see Crossfire every night, day, whatever, on any cable TV channel.

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