‘REAL WORLD NEWS’: RUSH: Trump Is NOT Getting Nearly The Credit He Deserves For US Economy

RUSH: “Consumer Confidence Hits Highest Level Since December of 2000.” Some of this stuff doesn’t make sense. You’ve got polls out there showing Trump’s approval numbers in the thirties and a number of other polls that show the American people are very worried about Trump and collusion with Russia and so forth.

Then you get this. Then you get, you know, real-world polling data, real-world story news that shows people are happy and they’re upbeat and they’re content and they’re optimistic. And it doesn’t go well with all these other polls that show people are ticked off, fed up, angry, disillusioned, whatever, with Trump.

“Consumers are more optimistic in October than economists polled by Reuters expected.” Now, that doesn’t tell us much because the economists that Reuters would poll are predestined to presume bad news simply because Trump’s in office. And also nobody could do better than Obama. Obama was the beginning and the end of everybody good. Obama was the end all, he was it. Nobody could ever be better, nobody could ever be smarter, nobody could ever be more relevant, nobody could ever be more whatever. And yet all of this real-world news is off the charts compared to what it was during Obama, real economic growth, real consumer confidence.

It’s a CNBC story: “Consumers were even more optimistic in October than economists polled by Reuters expected. Consumer confidence rose to 125.9 in October…” Forget that. What do we compare it against? The point is that “[t]he index ‘increased to its highest level in almost 17 years.’”


RUSH: Here’s Donald Trump this morning at the White House during a tax reform industry meeting, the first of two; and the next sound bite may surprise you a little bit. Here’s the first…

THE PRESIDENT: The economy is doing very well, but it can do much better. A lot of jobs are gonna come from this, and a lot of companies are gonna start pouring back into the United States. In fact, we’re gonna be announcing one big one sometime very shortly, a very big one coming back into the United States. All of you have done a tremendous job mobilizing your members, talking to the members of Congress — which is very important — and making a strong case for tax reform in the media. The media is not all fake, so therefore we can get a fair shake.

CROWD: (chuckling)

THE PRESIDENT: Now is the time to redouble our efforts. Your country needs you now more than ever before.

RUSH: I’m gonna shoot you straight here. Donald Trump’s not getting nearly the credit he deserves for the performance of the U.S. economy. You talk about a rebound? I mean, where was it 10 months ago? Where was it a year ago? Where was it during the seven years of Obama? Remember they were trying to tell us that we had to adapt to a new reality, and that is an America in decline? We had to adapt to these things because America’s past had been not real. Our economic heft and our superpower status was largely undeserved.

But now it was time to pay the piper and find out how the rest of the world (that we have been trampling all over) lives. And Trump, of course, has reversed thinking; he has reversed performance; there is confidence among consumers. They’re spending. Jobs have been created. This is real-world news. In fact, you know, I think that’s a new term.

You know, you have the everyday Drive-By narrative and then there’s the real-world news, which they’re not reporting. And the performance of the U.S. economy is one of those real-world-news stories that people need to be aware of that’s being ignored.


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