Pro-Life Clinic Next Door Gets in Planned Parenthood’s Face, Rescues Girls, Saves Lives

This Via CBN:

BOISE, Idaho- For years, Boise’s Planned Parenthood sat undisturbed and unchallenged in a quiet northern neighborhood. But in October, 2011, a new kid showed up on the block and presented a very big challenge.

The loud and proud pro-life Stanton Health Care Clinic moved in right next door to Planned Parenthood, posting big signs offering free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and other services that Planned Parenthood charges for.

“The strategic location we believe is key,” Stanton founder Brandi Swindell said. “We want to get as close as possible to abortion-providers, specifically Planned Parenthood, so that girls truly have a choice.”

As a longtime, prominent pro-life activist, Swindell is hoping this will be just the first of many such clinics built right in Planned Parenthood’s face.

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