‘Political Justice’: RUSH: Super Bowl Was To Serve As A MASSIVE POLITICAL CLEANSING

RUSH: You don’t even have to go to the advertising to find the politicization of the Super Bowl, because if you knew where to look, and if you knew what to watch, even before the game you knew that many on the left were hoping for a New England Patriots defeat. They were hoping the Atlanta Falcons would wipe ’em out, because the Patriots are reputedly and reportedly closely tied to the president of the United States. Tom Brady and Trump are supposedly good friends. Well, I know that they are. Robert Kraft, the owner of the Patriots and Trump, good friends, I know that they are.

Belichick wrote Trump a congratulatory letter after Trump won the election and wrote admiringly of his steadfastness, his stick-to-itiveness, his persistence, and his unwillingness to give up. And so there was a lot riding on this for the left. For millions of football hating leftists, and they are out there, the Super Bowl was to serve as a massive political cleansing. Political justice would be served. An election might not be reversed, but a statement would be made that the country had recognized it had made a mistake. The Patriots and Trump, who really aren’t patriots, right, according to the left, the Patriots and therefore Trump would be crushed.

And do you know why? Because they deserved it. Why did the Patriots deserve to be crushed and Trump with them? Because their winning is an offense. There isn’t supposed to be this kind of dominance in new America, not Patriot kind of dominance. There isn’t supposed to be this kind of heroism from the majority in America anymore. But they weren’t gonna leave it strictly to the Atlanta Falcons.


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