OUTRAGEOUS! RUSH: Obama Criminalizing Standard Business Decision Making

RUSH: This attempt to criminalize normal, everyday, standard, responsible business decision making is outrageous, and that is exactly what’s going on.  Barack Obama and all of his supporters and the entire administration are now attempting to criminalize standard, ordinary, everyday intelligent business decision making, where what is really illegal and irrational is not what a company does to limit its costs.  That’s smart. 

A company must limit its costs.  Profitability is how you stay in business.  It’s how you keep people employed.  It’s how you provide them health care.  What’s illegal in spades is Obama’s edict.  Now, look what comes with this illegal edict from The One.  Criminal prosecution.  If Obama’s Justice Department (i.e., Eric Holder) decides that a business has falsely certified that it’s staffing decision was not motivated by Obamacare, criminal prosecution follows.

Now, stop and think about something here.

The waiver itself is illegal.

Barack Obama does not have the constitutional authority, nor power, to make this waiver.  He cannot willy-nilly change this law.  The text of the law is enshrined as law.  It has been signed into law by him, after being duly passed by Congress.  He cannot willy-nilly go in and say, “That paragraph is not gonna apply for three years.  That paragraph’s not gonna apply for five years.  That whole section over there isn’t gonna apply until next summer.” 

He cannot do that, but that’s what he’s doing. 

The waiver in the first place is illegal.

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