OUTRAGEOUS: Limbaugh Slams Carney As ‘Shameless’ For Blaming ‘Bad Intel’ On Libya Cover-Up

RUSH:  This is shameless.  I told you earlier we had a story, shared the details with you from the US News & World Report, or maybe it was the Washington Examiner.  At any rate, this is exactly what they’re trying to do now.  Bail Susan Rice out, it was bad intel.  Jay Carney, what he’s telling you here is, “I thought it was the video. For eight days I thought it was the video and the president thought it was the video because we got bad intel.  It was a government-wide assessment that was — all we could do was deal with the intel.”  She’s exactly right, bad intel is an understandable, acceptable excuse.  Nothing to see here, folks, don’t blame us. We just had bad, bad intel.  But the State Department threw this overboard.


RUSH: This is outrageous to me.  This is a bigger cover-up with far more ramifications and consequences than Watergate.  This is huge.  We got four dead Americans here, and they’re dumping it on intel.  “Well, it doesn’t matter who we sent out on September 16th, doesn’t matter, Susan Rice, Elmer Fudd, had the same story.”


RUSH: Okay. So what he wants to say is that the video was responsible for what happened in Cairo, and that the best intel we had is that those protests inspired what happened in Benghazi. Folks, these people are lying through their teeth. It makes Watergate look like Romper Room! I’m telling you flat-out. And Jake Tapper just called him on it. Everything we’ve said on this program, Tapper said.

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