OBAMA GO HOME! Military Repressing Expression AGAINST OBAMA. Rio 2011

Police repress act against Obama in Rio and holds dozens of protesters.
The demonstration against the arrival of U.S. president was harshly suppressed by the military police in Rio de Janeiro in the late afternoon and early evening of March 18.

Organized by labor unions, social movements and political parties such as the CSP-and PSTU Conlutas, faced a protest from the outset, the authoritarianism of the police. Before the commencement, the concentration in Candelaria, PM prevented the approach of the sound truck. Moments later, officers tried to prevent the departure of protesters marched through Rio Branco Avenue, in an unprecedented scene.

Still, over 300 activists came out in long hike to the U.S. Consulate. When they reached the consulate at around 19h, the AM suppressed the demonstration with batons and rubber bullets. The latest information realize that 15 activists were arrested, including five militants PSTU. There are still several wounded, including an CBN journalist, hit by a rubber bullet.

Thiago Hastenheiter, militant PSTU, said, “They came with sticks and bombs and attacked us. After persecuted groups in nearby alleys, firing rubber bullets.” According to Thiago, the protesters were followed and searched nearby streets.

The MP accused the demonstrators of having thrown a Molotov cocktail, and uses this as an attempt to justify the savagery. “We do not recognize it. PSTU Nobody threw anything against the embassy,” said Ricardo Tavares, PSTU-RJ. “This is an apology from the police. It seems that we return to dictatorship,” he protests.

Many have not been located and can be arrested. The prisoners were taken to the 5th Police Precinct, Rua Gomes Freire, which reportedly is also delegated Marta Rocha, police chief. It is reported that among those arrested is a minor, the student movement activist. The OAB-RJ was contacted and is assisting in the release of the protesters.

The PSTU repudiates violence and absurd violation of human rights and demands answers from the governor Sergio Cabral. For PSTU, aggression shows that anything goes to hide the protests and to ensure the party president of the United States, residents of communities away from their own homes by repeating the methods of dictatorship, the repression of today.

The party says it will continue in the streets against the Obama administration and delivery of pre-salt Dilma government and calls for all the action this Sunday at 10am in the Largo do Machado.

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