NO JOKE! RUSH: Rick Perry Indictment Is DEAD SERIOUS

RUSH: Mr. Snerdley walked in and said, “Boy, this thing with Rick Perry, can you believe what a farce?” It’s not a farce, folks.  Now, I’m not gonna be getting to Rick Perry right off the bat here, but I wanted to mention something about it to get it on the table.  It’s not a farce.  It isn’t a joke.  Sadly, it’s not even a laughing matter.  This is dead serious.  Not that he’s done anything wrong.  What’s dead serious about this is the Democrat Party and their ongoing effort to criminalize political differences or opposition.

All the governor did — and it’s spelled out in the indictment — this is the stupidest, weakest indictment, probably gonna be thrown out by the judge and they know that, but that doesn’t matter.  Because now for the rest of his life every time Rick Perry’s name appears in the headline, so does the word “indictment” or “indicted.”  And the purpose of that is to taint and damage any political aspirations he has.  It’s no coincidence that he’s been at the forefront of the anti-illegal immigration movement in the past couple of months.  This is Travis County, the same place that went after DeLay.  The difference between DeLay and Perry is that they’d spent years demonizing Tom DeLay so that when their indictment finally came with the well known Ronnie Earle prosecutor it was no big surprise, it was just the next shoe to drop.  This came out of the blue.  And if you’ve seen the videotape of the Democrat Party official drunk driving, abusive to the cops, it’s astounding.  It’s not a joke, and it isn’t a farce, and it’s not a laughing matter.  It is exactly what the Democrat Party is. It is exactly what the Republican Party’s been up against for years and refuses to recognize, push back against, or do anything.

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Limbaugh OUTRAGED By Gov. Rick Perry Indictment

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