New Kind Of STUPIDITY! Rush Limbaugh Explains The Air Force One Deal

RUSH: I went to my little tech blogs and found the same ignorance and idiocy making fun of Trump, he can’t possibly be this stupid, what a dummkopf, what an idiot that we’ve elected, and they started looking at the retail price for a Boeing 747 if, say, Japan Air was gonna buy one.

I’m sitting here, it’s amazing the number of people today who are willing to express their genuine new kind of stupidity, willing to express in public their total ignorance of things.  It’s almost an epidemic, if you ask me, the number of people, entities, be it journalists, be it bloggers, be it anybody willing to broadcast their stupidity and ignorance.  This was a great example of it.  “Well, what do you mean, even the Air Force, they’re not gonna be overcharging, $4 billion for a 747?”

Do you know what this 747 is?  You know the way to understand Air Force One, it’s not a 747.  That’s just the shell that it’s in.  There isn’t an airplane like this.  This airplane will withstand the radiation from a nuclear blast.  This airplane can stay in the air indefinitely as long as there are tankers around.  This airplane has communications devices and defense mechanisms and shielding devices, technology for communications that nobody even knows exists.

It has a full-fledged medical operating room on board should there not be any nearby and the president needs surgery.  The idea that two of these planes might cost $4 billion is entirely reasonable.  The only thing about this Air Force One that makes it look like a 747 is that that’s what the shell of the device looks like.  It happens to be the largest, which is what’s needed, domestic aircraft made.  The only one larger is the Airbus A380, and there’s no way Donald Trump is going to buy an Airbus for Air Force One.  So a Boeing 747-8 is it.

Well, it turns out — this is from the U.K. Daily Mail.  Headline:  “Trump Was Right About Air Force One: Pentagon budget documents show Boeing program is slated to cost more than $4.2 billion — Government budget and procurement documents show that President-elect Donald Trump was right to insist that the new Air Force One jets will cost taxpayers more than $4.2 billion.”


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