Must See Interview With Rush And Greta: ‘Limbaugh Theorem’ On Teflon President Obama

This Via FoxNation:

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: In talking about the scandals, President Obama says the scandals are phony.
Why do you think he says they’re phony, because he believes it or is there strategy?

RUSH LIMBAUGH: No, there’s a strategy. I — I’ve been troubled by something with the Obama — you know, I playfully call it the regime (inaudible). And it is. Looks like a regime. I’ve been troubled. I’ve been amazed. Here is a man (inaudible) has done great damage to this country, policies have done great damage (inaudible), have done great damage to the American culture, the American psyche.

(Inaudible) is a sense of hopelessness and depression out there. And it’s his policies that have done this. And what has always amazed me is how he’s not (inaudible). He has an agenda; he’s been implementing it.

But the — what I call the low information voters that voted for him and other Democrats do not associate Obama’s policy and agenda with the condition of the country, the economy or whatever. That’s always the (inaudible). I’ve never, never known a president to be immune from economic circumstances at an election as he was in 2012.

It all became clear to me. There was a “New York Times” story — I think one of their blog posts on the Web back in February, and it basically said he (inaudible) what I just said to you. It said most people disapprove of the Obama agenda. They don’t like the direction the country’s going. They like him and they think he’s great for the country.

But how can that be? Intellectually, how can a majority of people (inaudible) — and you know they oppose ObamaCare by 55-60 percent in another poll. They are worried about jobs.

How in the world can they like him, reelect him and yet disapprove of everything he’s doing? And I came up, well, I call it the Limbaugh theorem. And you hear other people talking about it in the sense that he’s a bystander president or he’s outside Washington.




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