MUST LISTEN: Black Rush Caller ‘Diehard Democrat’ Converted To Conservatism By ‘Limbaugh Theorem’


RUSH: Here’s Robert, South Lake, Texas.  Great to have you on the program.  Welcome.

CALLER ROBERT:  Good afternoon, Rush Limbaugh.

RUSH:  Hello, sir.

CALLER ROBERT:  Listen, I need do say one thing and I thought I would never say this in my lifetime because I’m a diehard — well, I was a die hard Democrat, and I need to apologize to you because I was led to believe and thought that you were just a far-right nut. And I voted for Obama the first time because I thought he would make a great role model for young black Americans instead of these P Diddy’s and these other rap artists and all these other clowns.  You have converted me and I am a true believer in the conservative principles.

RUSH:  No kidding.

CALLER ROBERT:  Yes, and I think you’re getting to not just only me, but my whole family have been listening to you, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and a few others. And I’m just calling to tell you that I really appreciate you and I need you to keep doing what you’re doing because I believe that you guys are reaching more people than you think.  I used to be — and I hate to say it — a low-information voter, and I consider myself a very astute person.

RUSH:  Yeah?

CALLER ROBERT:  I have been fooled.  There’s something sinister about Obama, and I don’t know why, and I don’t understand it, but I don’t know what he’s doing.  It bothers me to see what he’s doing.  To me it’s appalling.

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