[Montage] LIMBAUGH: ‘Doddering Fools’ In The Media On The Scott Walker Story

RUSH: Now let me illustrate beyond the New York Times with a Drive-By Media montage on the Scott Walker story.  We have Devin Dwyer of ABC, Kate Bolduan of CNN, John King of CNN, Gwen Ifill of PBS, Peter Slen of C-SPAN, and Charlie Rose on CBS, all talking about allegations of illegal campaign fund-raising against Scott Walker.

DWYER: A potential Republican presidential candidate is accused of taking part in an illegal fund-raising scheme!

BOLDUAN: (b-roll noise) Prosecutors in Wisconsin say Governor Scott Walker took part in a criminal scheme!

KING: …directly accusing Governor Scott Walker of being part of a criminal scheme! 

IFILL: Prosecutors have accused Republican Governor Scott Walker of illegal fund-raising.

SLEN: Prosecutors have alleged that Governor Scott Walker was part of a wide ranging “criminal scheme.”

ROSE: Prosecutors accuse him of playing a central role in illegal fundraising.

RUSH: Every one of them is doddering fool, and that’s cutting them some slack.  The alternative is they’re all lying and they’re doing it anyway.  In this case, I’m goes to choose to believe that they’re just happily, willfully ignorant and believe as gospel anything they read in the New York Times, because that’s pretty much verbatim what they all said: “Accused of taking part in illegal fundraising.” 

Yeah, he was, and it was a false accusation.  It was a bogus accusation that was thrown out in two courts. The subpoenas never even got passed the judge and out of the court.  They were considered worthless.  I mean, this is… It’s clear what’s going on here.  You see, it doesn’t matter that the Democrat prosecutors’ case was nothing, and it doesn’t matter that the Democrat prosecutors’ case was thrown out. 

It doesn’t matter that the Democrat prosecutors lost.

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