Megyn Kelly Defends Rush Limbaugh’s “Obama Has Gone Soviet On Arizona” Comments

Megyn Kelly

This Via Mediaite:

Kelly and Hahn engaged in crosstalk before Kelly stopped the discussion and clarified for the audience that only certain arrestees are subject to federal charges — felons, the recently deported or recent illegal border crossers. “Everyone else they’re ignoring,” said Kelly.

“Right,” said Hahn. “They’re not coming to the aid of a guy who blew a stop sign who might be here illegally. But I don’t think that guy is a danger to America.” Hahn said that Limbaugh’s comments are an attempt to get his name back in the papers now that the controversy surrounding Sandra Fluke has toned down.

“How is this about Rush and not President Obama,” Kelly asked.

Listen To Full Rush Clip Here

HT Noah Rothman @ Mediaite

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