Megyn Kelly Compares Reagan And Obama’s Reactions Between Two Major Incidents That Led To Loss Of American Life

This Via FoxNation:

FOX News’ Digital Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt joined Megyn Kelly discussed the differences between two major incidents that allegedly led to loss of American life.

In 1983, Ronald Reagan offered stern words and promised consequences after Korean Air Flight 007 was shot down by a Soviet Interceptor. The passenger jet was en route to Seoul, South Korea from New York via Anchorage, Alaska. It was shot down near Moneron Island, a Russian possession. Reagan called the event an ‘act of barbarism’, and a ‘crime against humanity’.

On Thursday, with allegedly a number of Americans on board, a Malaysian Airlines jet was shot down in eastern Ukraine by a yet unconfirmed entity; suspected by some to be tied to Russia. President Barack Obama mentioned the disaster briefly during a speech in Wilmington, Del. The president was in town to draw attention to America’s crumbling roads and bridges, as his backdrop, the Interstate 495 bridge over the Christina River, was recently closed down after structural deficiencies were found.

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