Mark Levin Goes Nuclear On NSA: “Stick Your Data Mining!”

MARK LEVIN: This nation was founded to nurture the individual, not to nurture a federal government. And I ask this question. Where does this end? How much bigger will it get? How many more rights will we pretend have not been obliterated.

I’m not some ACLU nutjob. I’m not some conspiracy theorist. I’m a Reaganite. I’m a constitutionalist. I’m a conservative. And I look at this, and I’m disgusted. Absolutely disgusted.

Oh, they’re just data mining. Just data mining!? They’re in my financial records. They’re in my health records. They’re in my head. They’re in my pants. They’re my bathroom. They’re in my car. They’re in my kids lunchroom.

Oh, just data mining. Well stick your data mining!

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