Mark Levin EXPLODES!: ‘Holder Couldn’t Wait To Take A Shot At Fox News’

MARK LEVIN: It’s been confirmed by Reuters tonight, the Attorney General himself signed off on the search warrant. And it was vetted by senior Justice Department officials. And we all know why, don’t we? We all know why Holder was specifically involved in this case, don’t we?  Because it’s The Fox News Channel, that’s why.

Oh I know we don’t have proof of this , we don’t know that.

So we have an Administration, an Imperial Administration, that conducts itself like Putin’s Russia. That conceals information. And I have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt what is obvious as a matter of  reason and logic. They couldn’t wait to take a shot a Fox.

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Levin Offers Proof: ‘It’s A Flat Out Lie’ That Obama Didn’t Know About IRS Targeting Tea Party


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