Mark Levin Doubts He Would Support Chris Christie If He Is The Republican Nominee

This Via Real Clear Politics:

NEIL CAVUTO: Do you think this is going to be a real, you know, interfamily — more than a squabble but maybe a big old fight for Republicans on what is proper privacy protections verses life protection?

MARK LEVIN: Yes, because we conservatives have been fighting against the Republican establishment for half a century. Whether they take the form of Chris Christie and Romney or whether they take the form of Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon, and this country needs to move in a new direction, economically, constitutionally, when it comes to our Bill of Rights and so forth. I take this backstep to nobody in securing the border, securing the country.

CAVUTO: Wait. Wait. If Chris Christie were the Republican nominee, in 2016, would Mark Levin support him?

LEVIN: I doubt it.

CAVUTO: Really?

LEVIN: I doubt it.


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