LISTEN: Rush And Kathryn Call ‘Two If By Tea’ Jeep Patriot Winners

RUSH: The grand prize winner was a lovely lady from Oklahoma, and they granted us permission to play the call, Kathryn and I call them.  The call is made around six or seven at night so we hope to find people at home. We always hope they pick up rather than let the call go to voice mail, and this winner happened to pick up. So here’s how the last telephone call to our last sweepstakes winner sounded.


PHYLLIS:  Hello?

RUSH:  Phyllis, hi, Rush Limbaugh here, and my wife Kathryn, and we’re on the phone to tell you that you are it. You’re the big winner, Phyllis, of the Jeep Patriot as part of our Two If By Tea sweepstakes.

PHYLLIS:  You’re kidding me.

KATHRYN:  No.  This is Kathryn.  How are you?

PHYLLIS:  I’m fine.  I am delighted to talk to you.  My goodness.  We won a Jeep!  I can’t believe it!

RUSH:  Well, believe it.  It happened.  That’s why we’re calling you.  We’re so excited.  This is one of the biggest sweepstakes that we’ve had, and it’s a beautiful SUV.  It’s all yours now.

PHYLLIS:  Oh, my.

HUSBAND:  You’re my hero.

RUSH:  (laughing)  Yes, I’m used to that.

PHYLLIS:  No, you are our hero.

HUSBAND:  Listen to you every day, every chance I can.

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