LIMBAUGH:Trump Missed Opportunities To BURY Hillary Because He’s Not A Politician

RUSH: Now, I’m gonna tell you something.  I don’t presume — you know, my ego is not such that I believe everybody sees it the way I do when I watch anything, debate or anything, any event.  I thought Trump once again just missed a whole bunch of opportunities to bury her last night, and he missed them because he’s not a politician, and he’s not instinctively oriented toward the ideological explanations that undergird Hillary’s policies.

Her economic plan is the biggest sitting duck to be blown to smithereens, you could do it in two sentences.  But he didn’t go there. I don’t know why.  So I was cringing a lot that, oh, another opportunity missed, another opportunity missed.  It was one of those evenings where I was saying, “Damn, I wish I was there.  Man, if I was there…” but everybody does that. And when you are there, it’s not the same as when you are watching, thinking you’re gonna be there.


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