LIMBAUGH: You’re Not Watching News Out Of Ferguson. You’re Watching Politics In Action

RUSH: Here’s Bill in Detroit as we head back to the phones.  Welcome, sir.  Great to have you here.  Hello.

CALLER:  Thank you.  With all of the news media coverage that I’ve watched and read about, you know, every interview is exactly the same.  The people are the same, the comments are the same.  I can’t believe they can’t find one black person in that town that has a different opinion.  It’s pretty clear that they’re trying to portray that there’s a certain image going on here, and I think that the image is being directed.  There are black people that keep them in line politically.  I don’t think they care what the rest of the world thinks.  And even today, in looking at some of the still photographs that they’ve taken, and some of the reporting of it, it reminds me a lot of when they report on the Palestinians.  You have the young people hiding their face and they’re throwing rocks.  It almost seems too scripted, and I know you talked about that quite a bit, that there’s something else here —

RUSH:  You are exactly right.  Let me tell you what you’ve zoned in on, Bill, very, very adroitly.  That means skillfully, for those of you in Rio Linda.  There is no news.  You’re exactly right.  You’re not watching news out of Ferguson.  You’re watching politics in action, and you’ve caught it.  They don’t find anybody who disagrees with the myth, not one person in that town, huh?

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