LIMBAUGH: Young Female Starlets Are Disavowing The Feminism Of The Era

RUSH: “What’s missing from this equation are the women who don’t star in Hollywood blockbusters or go on world tours following their album release — the women that have, historically, been the focus of feminism. Class becomes a dividing line: what does the woman struggling, say, to afford childcare — the cost of which, the National Women’s Law Center reports, ranges from $3,900 to $15,000 a year — have in common with the Hollywood star who can actually afford nannies? Celebrity feminism is one that seems only to demand that the one percent affix themselves with the label ‘feminist,’ with little regard for the lives of ordinary women who are silenced.”

Look, it goes on.  It’s a long piece.  I’m cherry-picking pull quotes.  “It is, again, another trap for women.”  They’re so victimized. Even after all this emancipation. Everything out there is a trap for women.  And here again is another one.  “It is, again, another trap for women, both celebrity and ordinary: we want icons, not human beings — is it any wonder that the celebrity’s answers are always contradictions? The feminist question is simply another example of the impossibilities that we demand from women. Forget the virgin/whore complex: today’s woman must simultaneously prove her apparent agency and independence while continuing to embody an appealingly prostrate version of female sexuality and womanhood.”

So what you have, if you can weed through this, what’s happening is that more and more young female starlets are disavowing the feminism of the era and they are identifying it in ways in which they’ve always perceived it:  anti-male.  They don’t perceive feminists as wanting anything to do with men.  They don’t perceive feminists as wanting anything to do with relationships with men.  And they want that.  So they don’t want to be called feminists.  This has caused DEFCON 5 panic in the upper levels and reaches of liberalism.

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