RUSH: You’re Worth What Somebody Will Pay You

RUSH: Now, here’s this CNBC stuff.  The guest is Kevin O’Leary, who is O’Leary Funds chairman, and he’s cohost, I think, on Shark Tank on ABC.  Do you know what that show is?  You know what Shark Tank is?  I sort of do, but I can’t remember off the top of my head.  People go to these entrepreneurs and pitch their ideas, and they have a product that they want to sell, and the sharks basically tell ’em, “You’re stupid.  That thing doesn’t have a prayer.”  That’s why it’s a Shark Tank.  These people either buy it or send you packing.  Mark Cuban is one of the sharks.  It’s a good show, I’m hearing.

Anyway, one of the cohosts was on CNBC explaining the minimum wage to ’em.  They don’t get it and they’re a business network.  Andrew Ross Sorkin is a cohost of this particular show at Squawk Box, he said, “You called it and you said it. We had you on maybe three weeks ago. We were talking about the minimum wage, and you said that raising the minimum wage does not mean more jobs, it means less.  So, given the CBO report, do you have any quick views on the minimum wage debate?”

O’LEARY:  It’s evidence positive, Andrew.  That’s the whole point.  You know, I keep saying that the litmus test for America is not large corporations.  It’s the six-million-plus businesses out there that want to create more jobs every day and fight all kinds of problems.  I’ve never been an advocate for any minimum wage.  I’ve always felt that at the end of the day, the market would determine a person’s value per hour.

RUSH:  Oh, no, we can’t have that, because the market isn’t fair.  The market pays people differently.  The market pays some people more, and that’s not fair and equitable.  That isn’t equality.  The market’s a bunch of cheats.  But here’s a guy: if you leave it up to the market, people are going to earn what they’re worth.  That’s why I always laugh when people start saying, anybody, actor, athlete, anybody.  “Nobody’s worth that.”  Well, they are to the person paying ’em.  You are worth what somebody will pay you, and that is up to you.

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