LIMBAUGH: “Worse Than Pneumonia!” Hillary Camp ‘SUBORDINATING HER HEALTH’

RUSH: It’s worse than pneumonia, and the way you know that is how easily the media talks about it. They’re talking about pneumonia like it’s the common cold. “Oh, yeah, everybody gets it! Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. You gotta be hydrated!

“Oh, yeah. You gotta take meds. Oh, yeah, you need some bed rest!” Everybody doesn’t get it. They don’t get it like people get the common cold. They don’t get it like people get the flu. But they’re trying to pass it off as though it’s just one of any number of usual viruses that bops around in the fall, and Mrs. Clinton’s highly susceptible ’cause she’s instantly dehydrated and so forth. It’s so common, it’s happened to her many times before. Her husband has said so!

The truth of the matter is, they are panicking on the Democrat side. They don’t know what’s going on with her, many of them don’t. The people on the inside may. Did you hear why they didn’t want to go to the ER on Sunday? I was exactly right about this. They didn’t go to the ER because they didn’t want doctors they don’t know to find out what she’s got, because they don’t trust doctors at a randomly chosen emergency room to be quiet.

So they made a calculation. They’ve got a woman that practically fainted and collapsed and had a seizure, who was unable to get into a van by herself. They made a calculated decision to make her health secondary to other concerns. They could not take her to an emergency room. And, by the way, this is probably not the first time for that. They didn’t take her to the emergency room because they are still hiding whatever is wrong.

If a trip to the emergency room would have documented pneumonia, big deal! They’ve already announced that. Yet they didn’t go to the ER. They didn’t go to the ER because they don’t trust the doctors there. Somebody in there, they think, would talk. Talk about what? If all she’s got is pneumonia, what do they have to talk about? So there’s clearly more than pneumonia. So they take her to Chelsea’s ER, her daughter’s apartment. Here’s what it boils down to. They’ve got her sitting. She’s not attending fundraisers.

She’s supposed to be in LA — well, California — yesterday and today. Can’t go. They are quaking in their boots because they can’t predict these episodes, these incidents, whatever they are. If they had known that attending the 9/11 rally would end up as it did, do you think they would have let her go? Do you think they would have set her out there? No. They would have found some way of coming up with excuse that everybody believed.

It might even been rooted in her not feeling well that day and contagious and not wanting to spread the disease. They could have come up with something. But they sent her out there because it’s 9/11; it’s the 15th anniversary. You gotta go. You’re running for president. You gotta go. And look what happened. They can’t predict. And that means they can’t control it, not with medication. They can’t control whatever it is that’s wrong with her.

And the poor woman has something seriously the matter. There’s no doubt. And they are subordinating all of that. They are subordinating her health — and she may be in on the decision, too. But everybody involved here is subordinating her health to the larger issue, which is the acquisition of power. Not just the presidency. It’s not just winning the election. It’s what it means. It’s the acquisition of power.


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