LIMBAUGH: Women’s ‘RAGE RALLIES’ Are All About ‘IMMORAL’ Abortion

RUSH: One more email I got from a female friend who wants me to share with you her thoughts on this women’s march, or whatever this is, International Women’s Day. “Feminism, Mr. Limbaugh, is about one thing today, and that’s abortion. And abortion is immoral. And I believe, Mr. Limbaugh, they all know it. You can call it a choice, you can call it an unviable tissue mass, but it isn’t. It’s a life and they’re killing it, and they know it. It’s immoral.

“So to assuage the fact that they are supporting the immorality of abortion, they have these monthly rage rallies to scream about wages and wear these silly pussai hats and smile and blame evil white men. It’s the only way to make them feel better about themselves and have meaningful lives because deep down they know they are supporting immoral action.” And I just wanted to share that thought with you.


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