LIMBAUGH: Women’s Magazines Are Nothing But LEFT-WING RAGS

RUSH: So I have this story here, folks. It’s from Harper’s Bazaar. Harper’s Bazaar is a women’s fashion mag. Well, that’s what it’s supposed to be, but it isn’t anymore. And neither is Vogue, and neither Cosmopolitan. Any of these women’s fashion magazines, they’re nothing but left-wing rags now.

I mean, they literally are. I’m not trying to be disparaging in my description; that’s what they’ve become. They’ve been taken over by elements of the feminazis going to college, going to women’s studies, and they’ve taken over, and the women’s fashion stuff is the come-on, but the stuff that they write about they really care about. It’s all left-wing drivel.

If You Are Married to a Trump Supporter, Divorce Them.” You keep asking if the left has reached peak crazy. And the answer is no, folks, they’re nowhere near peak crazy. You just be prepared for this. No matter how bad you think or how wacko you think they are, there is still fertile ground for them to uncover.

Jennifer Wright is the author of “Get Well Soon: History’s Worst Plagues and the Heroes Who Fought Them.” Thirteen of the Worst Breakups in History. Anyway, she goes on to suggest here: “With every week, life under the Trump administration becomes more unnerving. The administration is trying to ‘phase out’ the 15,000 trans people in the military, Trump is basically threatening nuclear war with North Korea and Mueller is tapping a Grand Jury to look into the Russia connection. We live in interesting times, and by interesting, I mean on the very verge of the second dark ages. …Perhaps unsurprisingly, this is starting to create a rift, not just between different parts of the country, but between couples.”

She goes on to cite here various couples that are having marital problems all because of Trump, and the answer is, just divorce ’em. It’s the only solution left. It sounds funny. It’s not intended to be funny. It is intended to be serious advice.

Folks, we’re dealing with a combination myriad of things, and all of it to one degree or another borders on insanity or lunacy, such as the idea that there’s only one hate group in America and it’s on the right. The modern home of sheer, unbridled hatred today is the Democrat Party and the people that vote for them. The American left can’t hold a candle to anybody when it comes to hate. They have learned how to market it. They have learned how to sell it. They have learned how to put it into practice. And every other hater out there is a piker compared to the people on the left who practice hate. They get away with their hate by having it disguised as compassion and caring and defense of victims and so forth, but it is obscene. It is literally obscene.


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