RUSH: Yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, I raised a question when we learned about the woman that Trump said octopused her on the airplane. It turns out her name is Jessica Leeds.  It turns out that she said that after dinner in first class, Trump raised the armrest and moved in for the octopus moves.  I raised a question based on my memory traveling first class. I don’t remember armrests being able to move in first class on the airplane, but I didn’t know.  It’s been a while since I’ve flown first class.

So I asked people out in the audience and I got tons of responses from flight attendants from 30 years ago, 40 years ago, today confirming that armrests in first class did not move.  You couldn’t raise it and get out of it way like you can in coach.  Well, there’s a website out there called Got News, and Snerdley has verified that you can count on Got News now and then.  And Got News has a story that this woman that claims Trump octopused her is making it up.  Jessica Leeds.

She claims, for example, that she was flying a Braniff.  Braniff was an old Texas airline in Houston and Dallas. It was a great airline.  I loved flying Braniff when I was a kid.  She claimed that she was flying Braniff from Dallas to New York, 1979, on a Boeing 707.  When I saw that I said, “Wait a minute. I never saw Braniff fly a 707.”


RUSH: Well, it turns out that Braniff did not fly 707s from Dallas to New York like Jessica Leeds says she was on, and that was the flight that Trump octopused her.  In fact, we’ve got the old yellowed schedules that you used to be able to buy as published pamphlets. Newark and New York from Dallas?

If you wanted to fly Braniff, you had to fly a Boeing 727.  Now, I’m sure that Ms. Leeds would say, “Well, I don’t know 707, 727. What difference does it make?”  Well, it’s gonna turn out to make a lot of difference.


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BREAKING: @NYTimes Trump Accuser #JessicaLeeds CONFIRMED Liar Through CNN Airplane Details

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