Limbaugh Withdraws Claim That Trump Budget Is DOA

RUSH: The Trump budget. You know, I fell into a trap yesterday. My friends, I erred. I made a mistake. And in making the mistake I can demonstrate how easy it is for, even people like me, the most highly trained, the most highly aware specialist, people who know left and right, backwards and forwards the tricks of the trade in Washington politics, what did I do? I looked at Trump’s budget, and I said, “Well, you know, presidential budgets never survive anything. Presidential budgets are always dead on arrival because all budgets originate in the House.”

And I thereby made the mistake of equating the Trump budget with every other presidential budget, a mistake further compounded by failing to remember my own admonition to many of you: This is a different president. This is a president who we’ve never had anybody like this before, who has never governed like this before and is redefining the way Washington works, and in many ways is turning it upside down.

So I want to withdraw my claim yesterday that Trump’s budget is DOA, and I want to restate what I actually think of it today combined with a couple of sound bites from the Office of Management and Budget director, Mr. Mulvaney, because I think Trump’s budget is one thing. It’s exactly what Trump said he was gonna do during the campaign. It’s exactly why Trump was elected. And it does exactly what Republicans and conservatives have been claiming needed to be done ever since I have been a conservative and following all these things.

And yet Washington reacted the way it always does. “The president’s budget is dead on arrival. The president’s budget takes food out of the mouths of hungry people. The president’s budget sends the homeless further into the dark,” blah, blah, blah. And you can’t look at Trump nor his presidency the way you’ve always looked at presidencies before. He’s a different animal. He’s governed by different motivations. He’s not of Washington. He doesn’t want to become of Washington.

It’s a short way of saying that I think Trump’s budget is going to have much more weight and has a much more distinct possibility of being enacted, much of it, than any presidential budget heretofore.


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