LIMBAUGH: Why Do We Assume That ‘HATEFUL’ Maddow Knew She Had NOTHING?

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RUSH: Hi ya, folks. Okay, so I have a question, a very simple question. Everybody’s asking why did Rachel Maddow and PMSNBC, why’d they make such a big deal out of having Trump’s tax returns when it added up to nothing? My question is, why do we assume that they knew it added up to nothing? Who are these people? These people, including Rachel Maddow, whose intelligence is vastly overrated and I think way too invested in by people on the left, but people on the left in general, folks, are teetering on the edge of sanity.

They are so consumed with hate, they are consumed with hate personally for Trump, politically for Trump. They’re consumed with hate for their political enemies, not just disagreement, not just civil disagreement. These people are on the borderline of being crazy. And this craziness has been compounding itself even before the election.

I mean, they were convinced that Trump was an idiot and Trump was this, all these bad things, and that Hillary was gonna win in a landslide so it didn’t matter, but Trump wins, and, folks, there are no boundaries left in these people’s brains. You can see them in action on college campus. You can see liberal Democrat legislators in action. You can watch liberal Democrat media people. There isn’t much of a grounding here to reality.

Now, when it comes to the Trump tax returns, these people are still looking for evidence that Trump’s election was fraudulent. And they have been doing this ever since 9 p.m. on election night when it began to dawn on them that Hillary wasn’t gonna win. You start from that point and we have an effervescence of insanity that was in the deep, dark crevices of the gray matter of these people, and it’s been bubbling up and bubbling up, and I think it has overflowed two or three times.

They are obsessed. The whole Russians-hacked-the-election thing, the Trump tax returns. You know what they thought they were gonna get in Trump’s tax returns? They thought they were gonna get that he was working with the Russians. They have believed all of these fake dossiers out there manufactured by people that admitted the information in them, intel on Trump like the golden showers, the prostitutes being hired to urinate on Obama and Michelle’s bed in the Russian hotel, they believe this stuff. They think there’s something to it.

But my point is that when you have this kind of hateful energy that is your guiding foundation, that it is the reason you get up each and every day, you don’t have any touch with reality, or not much. You’re not really well grounded and it just adds and adds and adds and every allegation they believe about Trump blows up in their faces.

One by one, everything they have convinced themselves is true about Trump blows up. The Russian-hacked-the-election story has blown up. They just won’t admit it, which is why they won’t let go of it. And I think this kind of out-of-control runaway emotionalism that is masquerading as intelligence is literally eating these people away. And it’s not just the rank-and-file lunatic Democrat voter base. It goes up the chain to Democrat media people.”

But, folks, in addition to that, they’re just not as smart as everybody thinks they are. These people live in cocoons and they have tunnel vision. You know as well as I do they don’t let information in that conflicts with their safely constructed worldview. They’re not curious about anything they don’t already, quote, unquote, know.


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