LIMBAUGH: Why Did It Take Harvey Weinstein To Break The Dam Of Sexual Harassment?

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RUSH: All of these sexual harassment allegations coming out Congress, it raises a very important question. Well, it’s not an important question, but it’s an interesting question. How come it took Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood to break the dam? Why did it take what’s going on in Hollywood in this area to break the dam?

Why didn’t the dam break with Anthony Weiner, with Carlos Danger? Multiples times this guy is engaging in absolutely reprobate behavior. And the Democrats and the media circle the wagons to make sure that nobody else gets linked to it, and they do what they do to Carlos Danger, making him fall on a bunch of swords — he-he-he — his own — and try to limit it to that.

And I think the reason is that the Drive-By Media is more protective of the Democrats, especially the Clintons, than they are of Hollywood people. Even Hollywood people that are major donors, even Hollywood people that are major bundlers and fundraisers, at all costs it was protect the Democrats.

Now you got John Conyers out there, and he’s denying the fact that any settlement was paid to anybody to keep them quiet. But every day it’s a new name.


RUSH: What broke the dam? What caused this now? Was it, in fact, Weinstein? Because these stories have been going on for a long time. These behaviors have been going on for a long time. The witnesses, the testimony, the details provided by Charlie Rose in the Washington Post today have been known even by his executive producer, some woman whose last name is Vega. A number of women went to her and complained, she said (doing impression), “Ah, that’s just Charlie. Aw, that’s just Joe. That’s just Joe Biden. That’s just who Joe is. That’s just who X is. That’s just who Al is. Isn’t it kind of funny? He’s a funny guy, right? It’s just who he is.”

Meanwhile, while all of this has been going on for all of these years, look at the energy and the time and the effort put into destroying Donald Trump and Roy Moore and Mitt Romney and pick any other Republican you want to throw into the list. And yet based on the left and the media’s definitions of proper behavior, upscale behavior, whatever, these are the primary violators of their own code. They are ignored. They’re given a pass.


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