LIMBAUGH: When You Watch The ‘NEWS’ You’re Actually Watching The ‘Clinton Campaign’

RUSH: Like I said countless times before, when you watch the news today, folks…

Literally, when you read the news, when you watch the news, when you hear the news — except for here and a couple of other places — you are actually watching, reading, listening to the Hillary Clinton campaign.  And you have to tell yourself that.  Every time you watch the news, a story, particularly if it’s about Trump and it’s negative, you have to understand, you’re not watching the news, you’re not watching the media.  You are watching the Clinton campaign.  There is evidence.

As you know, ladies and gentlemen, I have often described the news every day as actually a scripted soap opera, the daily Washington soap opera, reality TV.  It is scripted.  There are narratives every day that are not based on the news.  There are narratives based on advancing the agenda — the agenda of Obama, the agenda of the Democrats — in this case the election of Hillary Clinton.  The WikiLeaks email hack is producing incredible evidence.  There’s a website,, but anybody could have had this stuff.  I mean, it’s just people poring through the emails.

“Revelations from the WikiLeaks release of John Podesta’s emails yet again prove mainstream, corporate media serves as Hillary Clinton’s personal cheerleading squad — and is devoid of any iteration of journalistic integrity. hanks to WikiLeaks and the Intercept, in fact, we now have a list of no less than 65 mainstream [so-called] ‘reporters’ whose campaign coverage constitutes propaganda for the Clinton campaign — and no wonder, considering the obscenely lopsided drivel presented by their outlets.


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