LIMBAUGH: What’s The Difference In What Reality Winner Did And What Comey Did?

RUSH: Now James Comey has joined the leakers! James Comey leaked his memos he wrote about Trump. He asked a friend of his to disseminate them to the media. Can I ask a question? Maybe I’m off base on this. Maybe some legal beagle can set me straight. Can somebody tell me the difference in what Reality Winner did and what Comey did? Reality Winner had some documents from the NSA; she gave ’em to a reporter.

James Comey had some private memos he wrote about Donald Trump, and he leaked them to the media, who made news stories out of them. Both of them leaked. In one case, Reality Winner leaked stuff that wasn’t hers. Comey leaked stuff that was his. But they’re both leakers. (interruption) What? Well, the question hinges on whether it’s classified. You mean what Reality Winner leaked was classified and Comey’s stupid memos may not be classified? Perhaps. Perhaps. Maybe so. But Comey’s still a leaker, and he announced it!



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