Limbaugh: Whatever The Ruling Is On ObamaCare, You Cannot Punt. I Will Not Permit It.

RUSH: This thing, regardless how they rule tomorrow, folks, I’m telling you right now. I know that if the ruling comes down and if Obamacare is upheld, it’s gonna take the air out of a lot of people’s sails. A lot of people are gonna be depressed. That on top of the Arizona ruling, I expect a lot of people will just chuck it, to hell with it, can’t fight these guys, what the hell. But that’s not the case. There will be an election in November about this, however they rule. That’s the point. There is going to be an election in November over health care regardless the ruling. Whatever the ruling is, you cannot punt. I will not permit it. I will allow 20 minutes of depression, and that’s it. After that you gotta buck it back up.

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