LIMBAUGH: What In The World Happened To All The Trump Voters?

RUSH: Let me first ask you a question.  Do you think Trump has less support from the base than Mitt Romney had in 2012?  I don’t know the answer.  I’m just asking you what you think as you ponder these things.  Remember we were told that anywhere from two to four million Republicans did not vote in 2012 because they were dissatisfied with Romney as the nominee.  Theoretically that was because Romney was not conservative, didn’t fight back, whatever the reasons were.

And those numbers are disputed, by the way, Republican establishment figures, “Oh, no, no, no, no, it’s not two million people, it’s not four million people that didn’t show up and it’s not because he wasn’t conservative.”  They’ve got their answers to it, but the fact is a significant number of Republicans who did vote in ’08 did not vote in 2012.  That’s number one.  So is Trump’s support even less than what Romney had.

Number two.  Trump, in the Republican primaries, got more votes in the Republican primary than Mitt Romney ever did, and Romney was not running against nearly as many opponents as Trump was.  There aren’t that many open primaries in the Republican primary season, meaning he couldn’t have gotten significantly more votes from Democrats than Romney got because there aren’t that many open primaries for that to happen.

Remember all of the new voter registration numbers we were hearing. That Republicans were registering in droves during the primaries and that Trump got more votes — do you remember this? — Trump got more votes in the Republican primary than anybody ever has.  What happened to them?  What in the world happened to them?  If that’s all true, where did they go, where are they going?  Are we to believe that they weren’t all legitimate, that it was another sting operation run by the Democrats?  It was a bunch of Democrats registering and voting Trump just to fool everybody.  Who knows.  I mean, people will conjure up all kinds of theories to explain things that they can’t.

We’re living in the moment, of course, and so it takes an effort to go back and remember what things were like during the primaries.  During the primaries Trump didn’t have any serious opposition, and that frustrated a lot of people.  Remember, the traditional ways of winning the Republican nomination, none of ’em worked.  Jeb Bush had $115 million, got six delegates.  Jeb Bush had the full support of every powerful entity in the Republican establishment.  He got six delegates.


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