Limbaugh: We’re Winning The Public Perception On ObamaCare

RUSH: I just saw a piece by Victor Davis Hanson that he published on his website. He normally writes at National Review Online, and maybe it’ll get posted there, probably so. But he makes the point that it’s Obama who’s looking incoherent, it’s Obama who’s looking small, it’s Obama who’s looking petty. And his point is that Obama will make a deal, sooner rather than later, if you just keep the pressure on. We’re in the process.

People would say I’m abandoning my post here at reality if I were to say something like we are winning. Maybe that’s not the case. But we’re at a place where we haven’t been in five years. We’re winning the public perception on Obamacare, but that’s not even a public perception battle. That’s reality. People are signing up and they’re finding it’s a disaster. People are finding out that none of what they were told about it is true. It isn’t cheaper. It isn’t easier. It isn’t anything that they were told.

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