RUSH: The truth is, nobody in this deal from the White House down to the House of Representatives wants to abandon people with preexisting conditions. This is along the lines of Republicans want to starve kids. This is along the lines of Republicans are gonna kick seniors out of their houses. Republicans are gonna take your Social Security away. It’s a common tactic the left uses, and now they’ve ramped it up: Republicans want to torpedo people with preexisting conditions. But no one wants to do that.

There is a consensus on the Republican staff here that people with preexisting conditions should be able to get something that we’re gonna call insurance. See, even Ms. McCaughey here calls it insurance. Whatever they end up with, it isn’t gonna be insurance. We’re bastardizing a term, and it matters. They’re gonna be covered, they’re gonna be able to pay, treatments are gonna be paid for. It isn’t insurance.

But as long as we call it insurance, everybody will be comfortable with it, because then we’re not being mean and we’re not denying insurance to the really sick. Even though we’re not talking insurance here. The issue is who pays. Wait a minute. If they’re gonna be part of the insurance pool, aren’t they gonna pay? No, because nobody will sell to them. Nobody’s gonna sell insurance to people already sick. It just isn’t gonna happen. They’re gonna have to be accommodated some other way.

What ought to really happen here is, the simplest way, is to take whatever the percent, 4% who have preexisting conditions and designate them as a special class who are going to have medical expenses covered by some funding mechanism that may be part of the overall bill or not, but don’t commingle these people with the genuine insurance that’s going on elsewhere. ‘Cause then we’re not talking insurance. And it does matter because that’s the way they’re able to convert this into a massive welfare bill while everybody thinks it’s insurance. It’s another sleight of hand.


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