Limbaugh Weighs In On ‘The Hillary Papers’: I Don’t Care About Whatever Has Been Learned

RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, I find myself here in a bit of a quandary, because, frankly, I don’t care right now about whatever has been produced or learned or reported about Hillary Clinton.  If there have ever been two people that my reservoir is overflowing with, it’s the Clintons.  I don’t even… I’m not even sure I believe this latest so-called treasure trove.  One of her closest friends… Janet Blair, was that her first name?

Janet, wife of Jim Blair? Those are Whitewater-era figures. Janet Blair is now dead. No.  Janet Blair passed away I think in 2000. I don’t know.  She kept a journal, apparently, of the years that the Clintons were in Arkansas and then moved to Washington and it’s got some things that are supposedly embarrassing to Hillary in there.  I read a little bit of it, and, frankly, I didn’t see anything in there that’s earth shattering. 

Do they actually expect me to believe that when the Lewinsky thing happened, that Hillary was blaming herself for not being a good enough wife?  ‘Cause that’s what this thing says.  This Janet Blair’s journal said Hillary told her… (interruption) Diane Blair.  Sorry. See, I couldn’t remember her name. Diane Blair.  Remember, the Clintons had people that worked for ’em that lied to their own diaries.

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