Limbaugh: We Must Stop Amnesty And Hold The House In 2014

RUSH: I know people are still clinging to some dream that Obama can somehow be sent packing out of office, or that the media is gonna somehow turn and realize what’s happening and start paying attention to all these scandals, speaking truth to power and holding Obama up.  I just don’t see any of that happening.  And when it comes to impeachment, it’s futile.  The Democrats would absolutely love that.  It would be disastrous, especially if it’s done for show.  That’s one of those things, you’ve heard the old adage, if you’re gonna take the king out, you better not miss.  You better do it or you’re finished.  And impeachment for show, impeachment as a means of education, impeachment as an instrument of informing, that’s the wrong reason to do it, and folks, it’s not even in the cards.  It’s not even on the table.

But there are all kinds of things that we can do besides impeachment, which would be shooting ourselves in the foot. Obama isn’t up for reelection. The next phase of this is that the Democrats have to be thrown out of office. There are two things that we have do or that we have to at least spend all of our time trying to do in whatever creative ways we can, and they’re both gonna be really tough. We have to stop amnesty and we have to hold the House at the very at least. If we lose the House, then the Democrats have their one-party rule and there really is nothing stopping them other than some unforeseen event that forces the country to turn totally against them.

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