LIMBAUGH: We Have Republicans Who Don’t Even Have The Courage To Be Conservative

RUSH: I’ve had more time to look into this and there are parts of this thing, folks, that are so frustrating. It’s just so damn frustrating. It’s just out-of-my-mind frustrating. We run the House, we run the Senate, we have the White House — and still, it’s like we have a bunch of Republicans who don’t even have the courage to be conservative. They’ve lost their conservative ideals, ’cause they’re playing the same old game that the Democrats love to play: Class envy. They’re making a big deal out of taxing the rich; they’re holding on to the children’s health program.

Do you remember S-CHIP? The S-CHIP program was a program devised by Obama and supplementary to Obamacare. I’ll never forget it because it was paid for with the sales tax revenue from the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products. Which prompted me, at the time, to suggest that we need to give smokers a medal, that we need to start treating smokers as heroes — and we need to encourage them to keep it up because they are paying for this new children’s health program.

Well, anyway, it ought to die; it ought to go away, what with the effort now to repeal Obamacare and downsize it, but it’s not. It’s not gonna go away. It was a program that was designed to fix a shortfall of something that happened and there wasn’t enough health insurance for poor kids so the S-CHIP program came along and addressed the problem. It didn’t work, and so now we’re adding another addendum to it or keeping this program alive, when it hasn’t justified itself. It’s an abject failure. It ought to just be punted. We have the power to do this!

Did you know, ladies and gentlemen…? I’m not gonna find any sympathy for this, but I’m gonna try to make the case anyway. There is a hidden 46% tax bracket for some Americans in the Republican tax bill — 46%. Let me tell you how this will work. Of course, this hasn’t been advertised. The Republicans are not making a big deal out of this and for obvious reasons, because they want to maintain the fiction (and that’s what it is) that the top rate will be 39.6%, and it’s not temporary. It’s a rate of 46% on a limited amount of income, but it’s the reason that it’s there that is infuriating to me.

It stems from a provision intended to help the government recover some of the benefits that lower-income taxpayers enjoy. So this new rate of 46% is there to help the government pay for tax cuts for everybody else. So the rich, in addition to not getting any tax relief — unless you want to say the death tax kicking in four years from now is tax relief. The rich are not getting a rate reduction, and in fact are having a rate increase on a portion of their income that equals a 46% tax rate, all to pay for the tax cuts elsewhere in the bill!

Sorry, folks; that’s not how conservatives think. That’s not how conservatives operate. That’s not conservative theory or ideology or policy. Conservative tax policy does not derive from, “How are we gonna pay for it?” Conservative tax policy derives from, “It’s the people’s money. They keep more of what they earn because of their hard work in earning it, and government must shrink. Government must do without.” If we are going to reduce people’s tax rates, then the objective is to actually create more revenue to Washington by expanding the economy and growing it and causing jobs to be created, creating new taxpayers.

That’s conservative tax policy. Nowhere in conservative tax policy is this idea that it has to be paid for. That is pure liberal Democrat thinking, and we are adopting it in our tax plan.


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