RUSH: You know, you realize, folks, we are a segregated media.  We are a segregated country and we have a segregated media.  We have the conservative media, the New Media, whatever, and we have the Drive-Bys, the old mainstream media, and they’re still the big ones.  They are still the majority media.

And, in fact, the existence, starting in 1988, of this New Media, of the conservative media I think has hardened the Drive-By and mainstream media.  I think it’s made them even more biased and more openly biased and more openly confrontational and more openly supportive than they ever have been before.

They used to be able to get away with the pretense of being objective and fair and down the middle, and with the rise of the New Media almost a call to arms in the media in terms of competition, they were forced out of the foxhole, and they had to expose themselves in the process of defending their turf.  And so it has given the impression that the divide in the country extends even beyond the population, that it includes now the media.

I don’t think that’s new.  I just think it has a new face or a cloak has been lifted and people now see the mainstream media for what it always was.  It was never objective, and it was never nonbiased or unbiased, and it was never, quote, unquote, fair.  What’s different about it, as I say, is they’re open about who they are now, and they’re unashamed because they’re in a very competitive situation.  But nevertheless it’s led to this segregated media.  And things that happen, things that get reported — not things that happen — the things that get reported in our media tend to stay there.


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