LIMBAUGH: Washington Establishment FEAR Trump SUCCEEDING

RUSH: Folks, understand this: It’s not that they opposed the Trump agenda. It’s that they oppose Trump. Trump is an outsider. Trump is an invader. Trump is an interloper. It’s like he’s made his way into Freddie’s Fashion Mart in Harlem. He’s just not wanted, and the last thing that the Washington establishment — the thing they fear — is Trump succeeds. I can’t tell you how much they fear this. Republicans and Democrats alike. I’m not naming names.

‘Cause, look, there are plenty of Republicans that are full-force behind Trump. I’m thinking of guys like Jim Jordan and the conservative caucus, that they’re a hundred thousand percent behind Trump. But you’ve got some establishment types that would not be unhappy if the Trump agenda fizzled. To the extent that Trump is able to get his agenda passed, that’s just another bit of evidence that an outsider can come in and upset the applecart and govern. So Trump has got opposition everywhere he’s going, and it takes many different faces and forms.

Some of it on the Democrat side, the opposition to his agenda is substantive. And on the establishment side, he’s opposed just because he’s an outsider, and he’s making no bones. Look, Trump… One thing Trump doesn’t do is soft sell himself. I mean, when he’s coming after you, he tells you he’s coming after you, and he tells you why. So he’s thrown the gauntlet down here.


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