LIMBAUGH: Was Comey Using ‘MEMO’ For Potential BLACKMAIL?

RUSH: By the way, can James Comey speak? I mean, he’s got a voice, right? Why not address this? Why did he hold on to that memo? Look, if Comey’s the law-and-order ethicist that he is reputed to be — and, remember, this guy has a reputation that is beyond reproach in Washington — he’s just acquired it over the years, that this guy is Mr. Clean, this guy is Mr. Ethics.

Okay, so he’s got this memo, he memorializes all of these meetings with bigwigs, to preserve the public record, to guard against people lying about the meeting and maybe about him, we suppose. Why hold on to that? If you’ve got a memo that destroys Donald Trump, even before Trump says anything — look, let’s go to this dinner. February 14th, it’s Valentine’s Day and let’s imagine for a moment that this happened the way the New York Times and the Post want us to believe it.

Let’s imagine that at dinner Donald Trump said, “You gotta stop this investigation. It’s hurting me. You gotta dump it. You gotta get rid of it. I’ll find a way to take care of you somehow. You’ve got to stop this. Let it go. Finish it. There’s nothing here and you’ve got to stop this.” ‘Cause that’s what they’re alleging happened. That’s what the media want you to think the Comey memo represents. Even though it’s impossible to know. We, A, haven’t seen the memo, number one. And number two, we do not know the context of the conversation at dinner which the memo supposedly memorializes.

So, if this was that great an obstruction of justice, if what the media is alleging that Trump did is an impeachable offense, it is a high crime, it’s a huge felony, it is Nixonian, it is a direct obstruction of justice and a violation of the Constitution. We are now at May 17th — three months since that dinner. Why has Mr. Comey sat on it? Was he using it for potential blackmail?

Hey, if they’re gonna ask it about everybody else, let’s ask it about Comey. If Flynn was gonna be blackmailed, how about Comey? Was Comey gonna try to blackmail somebody? There’s nothing to it, maybe. But this is supposedly a blockbuster memo that the Drive-Bys tell us can get Trump thrown out of office immediately, and yet for three months it sat in somebody’s computer hidden away as a digital file, because whoever has it doesn’t think it’s that big.

And Mr. Ethicist, why doesn’t he announce the next day what the president tried to do to him? The president tried to subvert the Constitution and he’s not gonna let it happen, he’s standing up, he’s resigning. He can’t work with somebody like Donald Trump. Where was that?


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