Limbaugh Warns The ‘DEEP STATE’: “You’re Not Dealing With Who You Think You’re Dealing With”

RUSH: Domestic support and the numbers that Trump would need to resist any of these efforts that are mounting up to destroy him. And when it comes to the politics of getting rid of Donald Trump, the Brexit crowd that supports him is not gonna matter to the Democrats and Republicans in this country that might someday make a move on Trump.

It’s the 63 million — and this is something, you know what? It is assumed those 63 million, if Trump goes, they’re just gonna sit home and go (crying). Let me tell you, this 63 million is a different group of people. They’re not just gonna sit idly by and watch the man they elected be shoved out of office. I’m just warning you people out there in the deep-state shadow government, you’re not dealing with who you think you’re dealing with.



Limbaugh Advises Trump Against ‘Shadow Government’: “FULL SPEED AHEAD DOMESTIC AGENDA”

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